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Revamp Window Repair Services provide a comprehensive Double Glazing Window and Door repair service for London and the surrounding areas.

Did you know that the majority of existing uPVC doors and uPVC / Aluminium windows can be repaired quite economically?

In most cases, Revamp Window Repair Services will be able to get your old window or door working again at a fraction of the cost of replacements. Repairing uPVC and Aluminium. Tilt and Turn windows, Casement Windows and Sliding Windows and Doors. We can replace most of the components found on your uPVC or Aluminium Double Glazed Windows.

Insurance companies now prefer their clients to have key locking window handles fitted to at least the ground floor windows to increase security. We can fit these for you and also any other security devices you require. We also offer a Double-Glazing Window and Door overhaul and maintenance service, which we feel is especially useful to private residential landlords, Student halls of residence, Nursing homes and anywhere else there are large numbers of uPVC or Aluminium windows installed.

Another service we can provide you is an intensive UPVC window frame wash & clean which will improve and brighten the exterior of your property.

If  you are thinking of selling your property why not call us in to totally overhaul your windows, you shouldn’t have to reduce your selling price due to windows that don’t function properly.

Don’t spend thousands of pounds on new doors or windows before consulting Revamp Window Repair Services. We offer a great service at very competitive prices.

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Glass Repairs

Hinge Repairs

Lock Repairs


Our technicians have over 20 years experience working with Double Glazing and repairing window and doors all over London and the South East.
From fabricating and Installations to working alongside large contractors overhauling Double Glazed windows and doors on social housing projects across London.
We have seen and repaired just about everything to do with UPVC and Aluminium Windows.
When you’re in need of Window or Door maintenance and repairs, Revamp window Repair Services look to provide you with a dependable and high quality service at competitive prices.

Aiming to provide unrivalled high quality services and solutions to all of our clients.

Do you recognise any of these problems?

•    A window that doesn’t close properly:  Possibly broken hinges or lock mechanism issue.
•    Handles that won’t travel enough to lock the window: A damaged handle or locking mechanism.
•    Draughts: Perished rubber gaskets, broken hinges, window alignment.
•    Door or window dropped and rubbing on frame: Hinge adjustment problem, glass glazed incorrectly.
•    Glass misty or full of condensation: Sealed unit has broken down due to damaged seal.
•    Patio door not sliding properly: Damaged wheels or not seated on track correctly.
•    Noisy letter plates or cat-flaps during windy weather: Springs broken.
•    Difficult to open Door lock: Faulty lock mechanism or door in need of adjustments.

We can solve all these problems and more.

  • Window Locks Espag and Security

  • uPVC Solvent Cleaning

  • Euro Cylinders Door Locks Euro Cylinders and Mechanisms

  • Tilt and Turn window mechanisms

  • Trickle Vents

  • Restrictors

  • uPVC and Aluminium Sliding windows

  • Balcony Glazing

  • Misted Sealed Units or Broken Sealed Units

  • Georgian Bar and Leaded Light Sealed Units

  • Single Glaze, Double Glaze and Triple Glaze.

  • Rubber Weather Seals and Rubber Window Gasket

  • Casement Window Handles

  • Tilt and Turn Window Handles

  • Window Friction Hinges

  • uPVC Door Butt Hinges or Flag Hinges

Please contact Revamp Window Repairs telling us about your window issues and we will do all we can to help you.
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Revamp Window Repair Services
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Phone: 01474 815677

Mob: 07463 176697

Mob: 07443 987800

Area Covered – In and around the M25

Working: Mon – Sat.